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Who is Guy Voyer

Born in Paris, Guy Voyer has been traveling the world since he was six months old. Throughout his childhood, his family moved every two years due to the demands of his father’s profession. These frequent moves did not have a negative effect on him but rather helped him develop his ability to adapt and make friends throughout France and around the world. At the age of eight, he would draw models of gymnasiums where he dreamed of becoming a great therapist, physiotherapist and sports trainer.

His dream came true: he has worked as a Phys. Ed. teacher, physiotherapist, with several medical specialization such as sports medicine, traumatology, psychological medicine, physical medicine and manual therapy. However, it was in Osteopathy and training techniques research that he found his true passion.

After his osteopathic studies, he concentrated his research on the understanding and treatment of fasciae. To reach this goal, he has done extensive research in dissection and methodology (ELDOA, MFS, 2TLS, etc.). He has also studied the art of teaching and received a Ph.D. in educational science.

Today he is one of the rare osteopaths who masters and treats fasciae.

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Medical Specializations

Medical Specializations

  • C.E.S. in Biology and Sports Medicine at the Marseille Faculty of Medicine (1981)
  • University Diploma in Sports Trauma, Marseille Faculty of Medicine (1983)
  • Intra-University Diploma in Manual and Orthopedic Medicine, Marseille Faculty of Medicine (1989).
  • Diploma from the University of Marseille Faculty of Medicine in Locomotor Pathology related to sports (1990).
  • University level diploma in Judicial Compensation and Award for Bodily Injury (1991)
  • University level Diploma in Physio-Pathology as applied to Physical Exercise (1992).
  • Capacity in Hydrology and Medical Climatology, Marseille Faculty of Medicine (1993).
  • Medical Intern at the Valmante Functional Reeducation Centre (Marseille – 1982 to 1986).
  • Responsible for treatment at the Regional Sports Medicine Centre (PACA) (1982 to 1984).
  • Lecturer at the Marseille Faculty of Medicine (Medical Hydrology and Climatology) (1993 to 1996).

Osteopath Career Path – Clinical


Osteopath Career Path – Clinical

  • Member of several Osteopathic Associations (The Osteopathic Register of Canada, The Osteopathic Association of Quebec, Register National des Osthéopathes de France, The Federal European Register of Osteopaths)
  • Periodic consultations in various parts of the world (USA, Australia, London, Canada, West Indies, Jamaica, Belgium, Italy, Morocco, Malaysia, Singapore, Poland, etc.) and during conferences for over thirty years
  • Osteopathic Office at the HeartLake Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Clinic, Brampton, Ontario (since 2003)
  • Osteopathic Office on rue Cambon, Paris (since 2001)
  • Osteopathic Office at the Total Balance Centre, Oakville, Ontario (since 2001)
  • Osteopathic Office at the Clinique Physio 2000 in Montreal, Québec (since 2000)
  • Osteopathic Office at the Résidence des Borromées, Marseille (1976 to 1988).
  • Osteopathic Office at the Centre Deltaccord SA, Marseille (1986 to 1997).
  • Osteopathic Office and the INTUMotion Clinic, Kingston, Ontario (since 1997).


  • Former student of The European School of Osteopathy, Maidstone (G.B.) (1978 to 1982).
  • DO (Distinction) of the Chartered Society of Homeopathic and Natural Therapies (1982).
  • Inter-University Diploma in Manual and Orthopedic Medicine from the University of Marseilles Faculty of Medicine (1989).
  • Osteopath DO from the Collège D’Etudes Ostéopathiques, Montreal (1999).
  • Osteopath DO from the Académie Sutherland, Montreal (2001).

The Mission

To offer students unrivaled knowledge by providing extensive training and practical applications in the practice of osteopathic medicine.  As well as honoring and preserving the history, philosophy and science of osteopathic medicine through the teachings  of principles and practices.

The Vision

To preserve the philosophy along with the art and science of osteopathic medicine through the teaching of historical principles and practices.

Today, the two main areas of study, research and teaching are:

Osteopathy through the treatment of fasciae, viscera, pelvic axes, hormone chains, pumping, sensory organs, etc.

SomaTherapy through physical and sports training based on back techniques (ELDOA), myofascial stretching (MFS), analytical muscle strengthening, targeted proprioception, etc.

Osteopath DOs must equally master fascia work, mobilization of the cranial bones and visceral treatment. Then they may specialize not in a technique but in a certain therapeutic orientation such as athletes, children, pregnant women, etc.